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Saturday, March 31, 2012

BBC - How to Build a Super Jumbo Wing (2011)

Britain is one of the leaders in aerospace manufacturing and there's one of part of a plane the UK is reputed to make better than anyone else - the wings. If i said wings, only two thing that you will find, if it's not a bird, it must be an airplane :D

The A380 wing is the largest ever produced for passenger airline, at 17.7 meters from front to back and 36.3 meters from fuselage to wingtip. The maximum length of metal in a single wing is 46 meters and the result is an aircraft with a tip-to-tip wingspan of 79.8 meters, making this airplane to be the world's biggest passenger aircraft

The film follows some of the people who work at the two main Airbus factories in the UK. In Filton, near Bristol (which has manufactured aircraft for almost 100 years, including Concorde) we meet engineers and designers at the company's cutting-edge research and development facility, and in Broughton, in North Wales, one of Europe's biggest factories, we meet the people who actually build the massive wing.

Screenshoot :

Monday, March 26, 2012

BBC - How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine

This movie is very awasome. It's show you how the engineers work so hard to create an ultimate masterpiece. We will see how to design, create and build a super jumbo jet engine. This jet engine is for new boeing 787 dreamliner, the most biggest passenger air craft in the world. Boeing company trusted their jet engine to rolls royce's which is has already famous with their quality of jet engine.We will follow the proccess from the beginning until testing and finishing.


Friday, February 24, 2012

NG - Ultimate Factories Harley Davidson

Now, i would like to share a movie about motorcycle manufacturing. This video show you how harley davidson company manufacture their ultimate motorcycle. It's really awasome. Check this out...

Screen shot 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New blog, new spirit, new style!

Yeay!! i had decide to create new blog. This is about my hobbies -> Movies. But this blog just only for engineering movies, video, clip, etc that i think it will be usefull. And remember!, this only for educational. :D

i will upload my engineering videos collection at mediafire and youtube. So, u can download with full speed and resumable. And remember, it's absolutely free, just for you! Dont worry about quality, it's blueray ripping, dvd rip, and the lowest quality is vcd ripp and flv.
and the most important is....... this blog will update every week! Enjoy it and ALWAYS SUPPORT TO STOP SOPA AND PIPA! :d